Product Disclaimer

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It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and/or user of any produce purchased from Hamiglobal.com to check for product safety. With respect to hammocks, use caution and follow the safety guidelines listed herein:

Never hang your hammock more than 18 inches (45 cm) above the ground.

Be sure to inspect the area underneath and around the hammock for hazardous items. These could include, but may not be limited to, rocks, sharp objects, sticks, and other debris.

In addition to checking below and around the hammock, be sure to check above the hammock for items that could fall.

Before each and every use, thoroughly check the hammock, and all connecting hardware, for fraying, snags, wear and tear, or any damage that could cause the hammock to fail. If you see any of these indicators, immediately discontinue using the hammock.

Always use a suitable structure or strong tree from which to hang the hammock.

Never let children use the hammock unattended.

Do not swing, jump or stand in the hammock.

Before placing entire weight into the hammock, ensure it is hung correctly and will support the entire load weight.

Do not place a hammock directly above or below another hammock, this is known as hammock stacking.

Never modify or disassemble the hammock; do not untie hammock knots.

For more information or safety tips please contact hangout@hamiglobal.com or visit www.hamiglobal.com